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2 years ago

2FA kills access from any app that requires designating a TV provider

Two-factor authentication is a great thing - but Cox's implementation has created a huge issue for users that it is apparently unaware of, and its support staff is clueless on.

Many apps require you to link to your cable provider in order to use them. Just one example: to use the Turner Classic Movies app, you need to be a subscriber to a cable provider that includes that station (like Cox). The same is true for dozens of other apps. Want to see what a station included in your cable package makes available to stream (a benefit touted in Cox's advertising)? When you launch the program provider's app, you need to designate and sign in to your cable provider.

It all worked fine, until Cox implemented 2FA.

With 2FA activated on your Cox account, an app (any app) will ask who your cable TV provider is. Select Cox, and you will be bumped to a Cox sign in page and asked to sign in to your Cox account with your Cox username and password. 

Do that, and what you'll get is a message that a "technical issue" has prevented login. "Please try again later." Try again later, in any app, and you get the same result. Every time.

Bottom line upfront: Log in to your Cox account on the Cox website and disable two-factor authentication. Problem solved. Functionality is back. (But of course, you are now running naked as far as securing your Cox account goes.) 

To make matters worse: No one at Cox seems aware of this, and no assistance is available.

Case in point, after weeks of experiencing this, I went to ALL the Cox support resources I could find: on the website; using Oliver (which gets you nowhere, but at least gets you there fast.). Went on a live chat with Cox support. 60 grueling minutes later, after being painfully taken through unplugging and restarting my cable tuner, reseting my modem, etc. (all steps I had already taken independently prior to calling Cox Support, but was told were mandatory to advance to the next level of support), what did it get me? The solution offered was to schedule an on-site tech visit (which I was told I would have to pay for if all the Cox equipment on my premises was operating properly). But from the beginning, I kept insisting all the hardware was functioning properly - the problem was in logging into Cox from an app (any app). The tech never evidenced any understanding of what I was talking about. Just stick to the script for trying to resolve hardware problems. d

I ultimately found my solution on an Apple user forum. 

Cox needs to make users aware of this in all their promotions and urging to set up 2FA. Just say, "2FA will disable all streaming service access to programming included in your Cox cable subscription," so we'll know. Ultimately, Cox needs to fix 2FA so it works properly with all the functional aspects of the features the company purports to offer. And in the interim, tech support needs to be able to do more than just take users through the "self help" solutions already readily available on the site, and ought to be able to identify when an issue lies outside of the "try a reboot" path. 

From other forums, it is apparent that this issue is wide spread. Cox ought to be aware of it, in which case so-called tech support ought to be able to recognize and address it when contacted by a user.  I would love to be able to tell Cox directly and make them aware of this problem in their system. But there is no way to report a "known issue" that I can find anywhere on their Contact Us page.