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4 years ago

2 year agreement changes after 1 year

How do I fight this? My bill went up after a year on my two-year agreement. I was told I was agreeing to a two-year deal to avoid any increase during that two-year period.

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    Mine has done the same we just started in april and our internet went from the 800mps plan to the ultimate classic which is 300mps which they dont offer anymore so I called everything was good they guy said ya we can upgrade to the 800 plan and then when it came time to do it he said actually it would void your conract and bundle so I have to stay at the 300 which wasnt in the internet +contour deal. So I have no recourse and they will never just do it because its the right thing to do and if a business messes up on there end wouldnt it be beneficial to fix it for the customer and gain a postive review which are really hard to find these days.

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    Hi Minyapr69,

    The purpose of the Cox TV Support Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable Television services with other customers. If you need help with billing or other account specific issues, please send us an email to with your full name, account holder's name, street address, and your forum post.

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