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7 years ago

1080p Channels

Are some of the broadcast and cable networks broadcasting in 1080p?  If so, does Cox maintain a list of the 1080p channels?

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  • Hello,

    We do not currently offer channels in 1080p.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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      That's what I thought:  no television station broadcasts in 1080p.  However, here's my confusion:  one employee says programming is 1080p and another says it's not 1080p.

      BACKGROUND.  I went to a Cox Solution Store to replace my worn remote.  While at the counter, I noticed the picture on their TV was very detailed...more than mine at home...but I assumed it was an engineered HD display loop.  You they have in the stores to make the TV sets look better.  However, it was a commercial on ABC for adult diapers.

      The rep assured me the resolution was 1080p.  How can that be?  I didn't think the networks broadcast in 1080p.  We were both stumped so he navigated through the channel info...on the box...and confirmed 1080p60.  Why don't I get 1080p at home?  I only get 1080p through my Roku.  He looked up my account and said it's because I have an older box.  Maybe, but he couldn't explain what my older box was incapable of doing.

      If the networks are not originating 1080p content, why was the picture at the Solution Store so detailed?  Something is deinterlacing 1080i or scaling 720p to 1080p.  It's either at the head-end or within the set-top box.  I suspect it's the box because contributors have mentioned the 1080p setting on their Contour 2; however, I never gave that any credence because networks don't originate 1080p content.

      Are the Contour 2 boxes deinterlacing or scaling content to 1080p?  If so, why doesn't my Rovi do that?  I have zero interest in DVR service so am I relegated to mid-rez content?