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6 years ago

what happened to phone tools on Cox Connect app?

What happened to phone tools on the Cox Connect app???  When I try to open it, it takes me to the app store to download a completely new

app.  There is also a message that says “This app requires specific features not available on this device.” I use an iPad, by the way.

Moderator Becky spent a few days trying to get phone tools working again on the website and app and now this???  I prefer using the app

so I don’t have to sign in each time I want to view my call history.

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  • Hi Rosebud84, it sounds like you've recently been migrated to the new Cox Voice platform. You'll need to download the Cox Voice Everywhere app so you can take advantage of the new features available to you. Once you install the new app, sign in to view your call history. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      It won’t let me download.  The button is grayed out🙁  How am I supposed to get this app?

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        Do you know which version of the operating system your smart phone is running? It is supported under iOS 10.0 or higher (Apple) or 6.0 or higher for an Android phone. We just tested here on both an Android & I-phone and we were able to download the app.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator