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7 years ago

We have a dial tone, but the other line can’t hear me at certain times a day

For the past week, the only time my phone fully works is from 2p-8p. The rest of the day, I HAVE a dial tone but no one can hear me. I can hear the other person perfectly, but they can’t hear anything I say. Just silence. 

During that time, my message system voice is all garbled and I can’t hear my voicemails. 

I have a Panasonic KX-TGF380, I’ve tried calls using the base phone, as well as the other 2 cordless phones but nothing. 

Cox has sent out 3 servicemen but they have zero clue. They have completely switched and given us new lines and new modems and everything. 

Any ideas or help? Happening to anyone else? 

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    Hi, have you noticed if this is an issue with incoming calls of a certain telephone numbers only? Also, I'm curious to know if the base of your telephone is connected directly to the telephone modem or to a wall jack, or are there any settings that can be adjusted on your telephone. It's unusual to hear that this happens only during certain times of the day. -Thanks, Carol
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      It’s definitely all calls, during those times. Doesn’t matter if the person is calling from a cell phone or not. 

      The main base phone, is plugged directly into the wall jack. 

      The only reason we believe it’s not the physical phone is because it only happens at exactly the same time everyday, which is very peculiar.  

  • Sounds like Cox has QoS issues.  Phones used to be so reliable until the geeks ruined the industry by combining voice and data.  Now if your computer/phone system goes down, you need a cell phone or a POTS line to call for help.