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6 years ago

Snail mail marketing -Cox or Scam?

A senior citizen we know has been getting snail mail, phone calls and email, threatening to shut off Cox phone service if a service appointment iisn’t scheduled.  In addition, Cox marketing seems to be using the same event to ‘upsell’ people to services they don’t need.

The phone number printed on the snail mail ISNT a legitimate Cox phone number, according to a CSR I spoke with:


The Cox CSR says their phone number is 844-290-8350

Also included is a web address:

Can anyone else confirm this is a scam, or a legitimate item?

When questioned, Cox tech support says a switch needs to be made from “circuit switch” to “packet switch” technology, and a new modem needs to be switched in as well.

Anyone getting this too?

I think a third party has stolen the snail mail, rejigged the mailer to include a different phone number.

I have.a scan of the mailer, but I don’t think Cox allows image uploads in these forums.

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  • We are in the process of updating all of our customers to a new phone platform. This platform requires what is called an eMTA, which is basically a cable modem that is used to provide the phone signal to the home and will be located somewhere inside of the home once installed. We are removing old hardware called NIU's from the outside of the house in the process.

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      can you verify that phone number I posted is either correct or not?  The CSR I spoke with claimed it wasn’t.

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        Hi there, I can understand your concern about possibly receiving phishing requests, but this one is legitimate. As Brian explained, Cox and all other landline telephone providers are in the process of updating our telephone platform and outdated equipment. This requires the removal of outdated equipment installed outside of a customer's home and installing a digital telephone modem that we call an eMTA. The telephone numbers listed on the notifications may vary for each Cox Markets. And that I'm aware of, very rarely does a telephone number listed on a mailer matcher the number the telephone representative is aware of, as this may be a safety feature. A good telephone number that you may call is 1.855.403.3790. I dialed that number and was prompted for the following information:
        Opt 2 - for all other requests
        Opt 2 again
        Opt 1 -
        Will be asked to confirm information - Listen for which prompt to use
        Will be asked to authenticate their account information
        Opt 1 since they've received a notification to update their Cox Equipment
        Alternately, they may visit the site

        Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, we're here to help.
        Thanks, Carol