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6 years ago

Simultaneous Ring for Nomorobo in Northern Virginia

Looking at old posts from 7 or 8 months ago where folks from Northern Virginia were asking when the Simultaneous Ring option was coming our way so we could use Nomorobo, the Cox Corp response, was "please be patient." Well, it's been a LONG time! If you can't get us Simultaneous Ring, how about you create a robo blocker and implement it with our current technology? I am SO TIRED of these ROBOTIC calls!

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  • Hi Virginia Mom, robocalls give me a headache, too! Cox has been working all year on a project to update our telephony network. The upgrade in phone network technology will allow us to provide you with new phone features like Simultaneous Ring, allowing you to set up Nomorobo to filter out spam calls. Each Cox market is in the process of contacting current Cox Digital Telephone customers and scheduling conversion appointments. If you already use an Internet and Telephone Modem (eMTA), a service appointment may not be necessary. You should receive an email with more details within the next few weeks. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    After several years of Robo calls and promises of nomorobo, I got rid of them. Went elsewhere: cheaper and no robo calls.