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6 years ago

phone calls not recording in voice tools

I have made several long distance calls, which are not being recorded in voice tools.  This is the only record I have of these calls since they are not

listed on my bill.  I have to log into the website and navigate to voice tools, which is a pain, since you blocked me from your new app just because I

dont have a mobile phone.  The cox connect app worked just fine on my ipad, by the way.

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  • Hi Rosebud84, it doesn't appear that you are currently "opted-in" to Call History. To opt-in, log into with your Primary User ID and click on the + sign next to Call History. Once activated, Call History is updated every 15 minutes. Please note that only calls made using a 10-digit number will be displayed in the outgoing call log. Please try a test call after activating Call History and let us know if your call is recorded in the log. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      All other outgoing and incoming calls are being logged, so I thought I was opted in?  Why are certain calls outside of my area code not  being recorded?

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        Hi Rosebud84, one of our back-office tools displays your opt-in status for Call History. Your status displays "Customer is not currently opted in." -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator