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2 years ago

no porting

On March 9, 2023 I purchased a new cell phone from Cox and requested that my existing landline phone number with Cox be ported to my new Cox Cell Phone. After numerous calls with Cox and numerous promises and NO updates from them I still do not have service on my new Cox Cell Phone. April 24, 2023. What can I do? The new phone I purchased from Cox can only be used with Cox. I am still receiving bills from Cox for a non-existing service. 

Kathi Anderson

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    Wow, if they can't port one of their own number, I wonder what other problems they have. I wish you luck.

    ::edit:: One thing I found mention of is making sure your phone bill is all paid off for the port to complete.

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      It may not be able to be ported if the switch is different from the landline and the cell phone. 

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        I think Cox Mobile is Verizon if that means anything. Either way, shouldn't it be a simple port? I have seen ports from Cox landline to Verizon cellular all the time. Tell me more about this switch limitation.