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4 years ago

Is it possible to disable the voicemail stutter tone?

I have Cox Home Phone with visual voicemails forwarded to my email address as text.  I love that.  BUT, it leaves a stutter tone on my phones handset that is extremely load and grating to me.  I'm wondering if there is a way for Cox to disable the stutter tone.  I ONLY want to receive or manage my voicemails by email.  I NEVER want to listen to them either online or on my phone.  I'd hate to have to sign in to the cox website every single day to somehow mark and new voicemails as heard, and I will NEVER use the phone to retrieve them.  I hope there's some solution.


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    Hello Karen,

    I know that is a very convenient way to get the voicemails and never have to lift up the phone. That stutter tone is an indication that there are voicemails. You are able to delete your messages quickly at or the Cox app after you have read them instead of having to listen to each one. Currently, there is no way to get rid of the stutter tone on the phone. I do apologize. Thank you for that feedback, we appreciate all ways to better serve our customers.

    Crystal S.
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