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6 years ago

Here's a visual clue that you've been migrated and ready for Nomorobo

Since being migrated over to the Cox switching facilities that support simultaneous ring for Nomorobo, we now see the US country code of  "1" as a prefix to the Caller ID number info we receive for calls from US numbers (i.e. 757-555-0150 now shows as 1-757-555-0150).  It appears the entire 11 digit US numbers are now being passed without the country code being truncated. This started for us on the date we were migrated over.  I didn't know then what the included prefix starting on that date meant, but I do now after being informed that was the date our service was migrated over (See disclaimer below).

DISCLAIMER: I don't know if this applies to everyone.  However, it did for our household here in Hampton Roads, VA.

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