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5 years ago

Cannot access Phone Tools

I am trying to get to the phone tools to view call history and messages.  When I click I either of those, I get the following:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.


I have no way of getting to missed calls.

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  • I just went on to My Account/phone/Call History.  Voice Tools window appears with the Call History of incoming/outgoing...Could it be that you are not allowing cookies or got an Ad blocker turned on.  Is this the first time that you've gone here or went many times prior.  Can you see your billing info and other items in your account?  Seems like the error msg is pointing to a bad URL, you're not using an old URL to the Call History..are you?

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    i've seen this same message  a few times over the last few days as well + webmail was throwing the same message yesterday for 2+ hours.

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      Hello. When getting these types of errors, we suggest clearing cookies and cache on the browser, resetting the device, and then trying to get onto the website or webmail.
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        Hi, Crystal.  I tried several times last night to view Phone Tools and was never able to do so.  But, it's working now and I didn't change anything.

        While using the same Phone Tools link I've always used (and used again tonight when it worked properly) I was sent one time last night to a page I'd never seen before.  It looked like it might have been meant to be a page for new, phone customers.  It described using Phone Tools, but provided no means to do it.

  • I have experienced the same problem, only in Firefox - it has continued working in Edge.  When I selected "Call history" from my account page, I received the same error message as the original poster.  I solved it (at least for now) by going to Firefox Tools->Options->Cookies & Site Data->Manage Data, entering "cox" to select all cookies with Cox in the name, and then "Remove all shown...".

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        Clicking "COX" in the upper left corner of the Webmail Inbox directs you to the My Profile home webpage.  From there, you should be able to access Voice Tools Call history by clicking: My Account > My Account > Call history.  However, it doesn't always work for me and it may not work for you.  Some times after I tried that, I was also unable to access call history from

        If you get a blank screen, the wrong screen or the "Bad Request" error when trying to access Call history, do the following:

        1, Delete "" cookies

        2. Close the browser