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5 years ago

Zeus Virus popup

Within an hour of setting up a new PoE router and a Ring Stick-up Cam on my network we got a "Zeus virus warning" message via e-mail. (Note: since Zeus is a mostly a Windows virus, I should point out we only have one PC (laptop) and it had not been powered on in a couple weeks. I still ran a complete scan on it (and two MacAir laptops for good measure) with Malwarebytes and it shows clear). 

Two days later Cox popups appeared on my wife's browser (Safari) on her iphone 8 (see screenshot if that works) as she was looking for something at a Dr.'s web site, telling her again that an Internet-connected device in your home may be infected with the Zeus virus. 

I have to think the PoE router (Brash Networks BN-PE905G) or the Ring Cam has some behavior that is causing this somehow? The Ring Cam is our first Ring Camera but we have a Ring Doorbell that we put in last year and that never triggered anything I know of. The PoE router goes into an ASUS RT-AC3100 which then goes into our Arrus SB8200 Surfboard modem. 

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thought I'd try here first since telephone support is usually a bit lacking in the technical side of things. 

Thank you.