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27 days ago

Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with!

I keep calling in for the past 10 days and get transferred to “loyalty” or retention department they make me wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes to be exact to get me in touch with a supervisor because they are not able to assist me. After the long wait I am then thanked for my patience they transfer me over, I can hear someone pick up and they immediately hang up this has happened over a dozen times in the past 10 days. Cox has wasted over 10 hours of my time playing games. I went in to a cox store they gave me the number of “Loyalty” department that is supposedly local it’s not it’s the same exact number I had been calling for over a week with no help in the Philippines. I called in front of the store rep to show him and they hung up on me after another 30 minutes he said there was nothing he can do for me and to keep trying the number he gave me. I have scheduled my cancellation of services because I can’t get anywhere with cox at all they don’t care about customers or their loyalty. Even the chat live agent was no help. I was only ever able to speak with a manager 1 time and they had offered me a deal on  a lower speed plan that I was willing to take and accept but guess what they hung up as well and now nobody is willing to honor it. I’ve been a customer with cox for a long time. 

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  • Hi, there. That is definitely not the experience we desire you to have. Please email my team at so we can obtain account details and review further.

    Thank you.

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        I wouldn't hold your breath. Seriously it is the crappiest customer service I've ever seen. You have no options to reach out to them except for that **bleep** chat option. It is a total waste of your time and I can guarantee you you won't hear from anybody if you are looking to make a change to your service that reduces cost. They don't want you to save any money with them that's why they make it so hard to reach out to anybody.

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      I really wish I could believe that Doris but right now I am searching for a new provider I have had my fill of this garbage. I don't have time to sit on a chat and hope that somebody might come online. I have been a customer of Cox for almost 26 years. Also I have the power of attorney on my mom's account at another house and I'll be changing her service as well. That's the problem when you ignore customers and play games with him they eventually will find another option.

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    I have been trying to make a change to my account by removing some additional data that I no longer need. Every time they tell me they're going to send me to a retention member because I'm a loyalty member I sit there and nobody comes on the chat. I can now see why so many people on the next door app are so hateful on Cox. It's if they don't even give a s*** about their customers. They've got your money they know that you're limited by what you can get for internet. Where I live there's no options for Verizon or AT&t. So my only choice is to go to CenturyLink and I've heard complaints about them. But I am so pissed off at Cox right now I don't give a crap. I hope they see these forms I want them to know how much they make people hate them.

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      Hello jeepjeep,
      I'm sorry to hear you've run into any troubles making changes to your account. We value your business and want to be sure you're in the right hands to make changes. 

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    I normally don't go to forums, but I am not having any luck going through the regular channels. I have ran into a customer service situation that I thought would be an easy fix... but ended up disappointed.

    I went to Manage Services on the website and found a deal for the same services I already have, but $60 less a month, which I was excited to see. I went to check out, but the website wants me to pay a $100 pro connect fee. There is nothing to connect, it is the same services I already have.

    Reading through the fine print on the offer says I can pick $0.00 for self installation or $100.00 for professional installation. When I check out, it just adds professional installation and the $100 fee by default. There is no option to deselect professional installation or an option for selecting self installation.

    So I called customer service and they transferred me three times where I had to tell them what my issue was each time... and then the last person I spoke with said I should order the deal and pay the $100 fee and call back and I should be able to get the professional fee removed. I was not inclined to spend money with only a maybe response to get it back. No one I talked to on the phone could honor the deal I was seeing on their website.

    I had already been on the phone for about an hour, so I thanked the rep and I thought I would go through the chat bot, since it appeared to be a website issue, and thought that it would get resolved. 

    But no... two separate chat sessions with the initial live agent saying "Let me get you with the correct department to assist you with that. That will be the retention team. One moment please." and sat in both chat sessions for 45 minutes after I got that message with no response.

    I am just looking to save a little money through an offer from the Cox website. Can it really be this hard?

    I have been a cox customer for over 20 years and normally I do not have issues and am normally happy when speaking to customer service, but in the last few years it feels like it is getting worse and worse.

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      Sometimes a self install isn't an option. When that takes place the only option is a professional install. Try calling in, SOMETIMES you can get it waived.