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5 years ago

Worst Customer Service Experience !!!

I am a customer of Cox for 8 years and recently I had an issue with my internet service. It was A MONTH AGO! Since then I had 5 (!!!) technician visits and probably more than 10 calls with the service department... Everybody apologized... promised to fix the problem... escalated to the "highest level"... But... I still do not have service.... So, my advise - do not use COX as your service provider.... If you have problem, it will not be fixed! Very frustrated... Switching to FiOS!

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    I don't understand.  The awful "actors" in the commercials are greatly astonished with Cox customer service.  Weird.

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    I'd hate to lose you as a customer before taking a closer look at what is causing the chronic issues you describe. When you have a moment please email the full-service address and full name to

    Jonathan J
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