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3 years ago

Work around for Guest Wifi - Cox router no longer has it

 We just switched to the panoramic with the combined router and modem.  We discovered later that the Cox removed the Guest Wifi option from their routers (super frustrating!!).  Guest networking is basic functionality of a wireless router so I am very disappointed that Cox has gotten rid of this feature. 

As a work around, I tried setting up a new user as GuestWifi just for accessing the Cox Hot Spots but it won't work because even after removing all access, anyone using the login can still see our bill, pay our bill (ok maybe thats not so bad LOL), see our account number, etc....I'm sharing this part for others so they don't waste time with it.

Next, we thought about connecting our old router to the new pano combined router/modem (basically using one modem with two routers).  In concept, if I plug one end of the ethernet cable into the LAN port of the primary router,  then plug the other end of the cable into the LAN port on the back of the second router, I'm thinking it'll work.  But how do I set them up to show as different wifi logins?  When I go into the router setup, how do I get into two different routers?  Has anyone done this part of it?

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  • milliki77  If you are paying a rental fee for the Panoramic, you should seriously consider purchasing your own DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem and using your old router instead. In the long run, you'll save money -and- get more features.

    That being said... You can certainly use your old router in what is called "bridge" mode or sometimes "repeater" mode. You'll need to consult the manual as different routers support different set ups and features when in these modes. For example, the "guest wifi" feature of your old router may not be available when the router is configured in "bridge" mode.

    I suspect the Cox "guest wifi" feature was removed in favor of the "Cox Wifi Hotspot" feature (which doesn't help your guests as you noted)... or perhaps the cheaply made (but expensive to purchase) mesh points don't support multiple wifi networks.

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    Why limited yourself?  If the Panoramic doesn't have the features you want, why rent it?  You shouldn't have to create workarounds for basic functionality.  Get rid of the Pano.

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    what kind of guests visits, that you don't trust with your wifi access??

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      My kids' friends, some family members that comes to stay with us - its much easier if we just have the guest wifi for everyone so I don't have to say no to anyone. 

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      Your typical ignorant response bearone2.

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        thanks sheriff, glad you're always on duty!!

        if i didn't trust visitors in my home with my wifi info, they wouldn't be there!!