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4 years ago

Won't stop sending me bills after account is closed (no balance due)

I ended my service with Cox in June (moved somewhere they don't offer service) and I am still getting monthly bills through email and text. I've contacted Cox four times and they keep telling me "your account is closed and there is no balance due, I don't know why you're still getting bills, just ignore them." No one at Cox is able to help or willing to direct me to someone who can. How do I get Cox to stop sending me bogus bills? It's frustrating and making me paranoid that I still owe them money and am going to get bad marks on my credit, even though they insist there is no balance. 

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    Hello @Stacey_K, we apologize that you are still getting bills. Please contact us via Facebook or Twitter @coxhelp, and send us a private message with the address information. Thank you.

    Ben S.
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    Access your web mail on cox and delete all the email if you already read it. that might fix it   Me and 7 other friends of mine have ran into a bugged email a couple months ago cox could do anything even said maybe we had a virus on are end. turns out it was thire end I found out it was a newegg news lettar that not only stooped us receiving new email it also for sending the same old one.   maybe  you have a similar problem.