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3 years ago

Will Cox ever fix the issues with the nodes in North Oceanside California?

We’ve been with Cox 3-4 years and the tech told us the nodes are the issue (intermittent outages) in my neighborhood and basically said we’re screwed. The only other internet provider is ATT and the max speed is 25 GBPS which is far too slow, especially working from home being on the PC soft phone all day. This is affecting my income and sanity. My neighbors and I have put in numerous requests/ complaints and nothing ever comes of it. Are we screwed, does Cox really not fix issues like this? I’ve seen many other complaints on this issue on other forums and well, it looks to be that way (SOL). Anyone at Cox care to fix this?

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    We may need to schedule a technician out to your residence if that hasn't been done yet. When the field technician arrives for the appointment, he or she will inspect the tap that your home connects to, use a meter to check tap components and signal strength, and replace components, if necessary. Also if they see the node is congested they well submitted a ticket to our maintenance team. The tech will then repeat the above procedure at the demarcation point where the coax cable physically enters your home. After inspecting all Cox equipment and cabling outside your home, the tech will test for packet loss and speed issues. To get started please email your full name and address to

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