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Wifi won’t show up on my phone but will connect to Ethernet cables??

I have Ethernet cables that connect to my PC and PS4, those are working just fine but any other wireless device doesn’t. The wifi isn’t even an option when I try to connect on my phone, laptop, Apple TV, nothing. I’ve tried restarting the from the app multiple times, unplugging everything, etc. No matter what I try I can’t even try to connect on my phone. What’s going on?

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    Hi @Sydneynbell

    I know how important it is for you to have your wifi working. Can you please tell me do you have a Panoramic Wifi Gateway or are you using your own wifi modem or router?

    Ben S.
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    Can you see your network on the various lists of available networks?  As a security feature, some people disable the router from broadcasting its name.  The router is broadcasting; however, the router just isn't "advertising" it's broadcasting.

    You can also check if your devices are on the same channel as the router.  2.4 Ghz isn't the actual frequency because the frequency is further broken into the thousandths:  2.412 GHz...2.417 GHz...2.422...etc.  These thousandths are called "channels" so ensure your devices are on the same channel (1-11).

    Is this the Panoramic?  I think the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands need the same SSID.

    If you could explain what specifically you do and what specifically happens, we could help.  Right now, I'm just stabbing in the dark.