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4 years ago

why was i sold an upgrade to my internet today to the 500/50 service and then after running around to get net equipment and get it configured properly only to find out from tech support i could only get 500/10 which defeats the purpose of the upgrade?

I just dont know what happened to cox communications.  Ive done business with them for 35 years and the last 10 have been disappointment after disappointment.  Today one of my clients "saint martin of tours catholic church" let me know they will be conducting Mass via live stream since no indoor gatherings over 10 were allowed under current city wide restrictions.  So I turned to Cox to provide us with adaquate bandwidth to meet this need.  After being bounced around from department to department for 20 minutes i finally got through to a representative ID: B70708 who said he understood what i needed and gave me instructions to go get a new modem.  He said it would be pre provisioned and ready to plug and play.  What he didnt mention was when i was at the cox store picking up the modem they were going to take the existing internet service offline... i found this out when my phone started blowing up with calls letting me know our internet  was down.  So i get to the office and install the new modem... got it up and running and internet restored to the users.

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    I apologize for the misinformation, none of our internet packages off 50 Mbps U/L. Please email your full name and address to This will allow me to determine who you spoke, so I can ensure they are appropriately coached to avoid this from happening in the future. Also, include a link to this thread.

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    wishful hoping of uploading faster than than gigablast!!

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      Gigablast?  Who mentioned anything about gigablast?  OP wants upload to be only one-twentieth of gigablast.

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        50 up isn't/hasn't been offered on standard plans.

        gigablast up is 35!!