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4 years ago

Why is cox the worst thing in all of Norfolk VA??

Hello I have gigablast internet, and for the past two weeks my internet has been super slow. I don't do anything too demanding except occasionally play an online game on my Nintendo switch. Yet every time I've done this I've gotten a "weak connectivity" notification even though my modem is in the same room. I did a wifi test on my laptop and it was complete trash 17 ping 20.51 download and 6.41 upload. Like I said, complete trash. I called and we recently had a tropical storm hit so they tried to play it off as if it was because of an outage, despite me telling them this has been going on for two weeks. They told me to call back later when they got the outage fixed. I did and got hung up on. called again never got an answer. I texted their help line and it took like 12 hours for the first reply and when I tried again it took like 2 or 3 hours to get a response. I just want to know if I'm supposed to pay for gigablast or have my billing changed to reflect this complete trash of internet? Oh and I've got no other option as to internet providers because cox has a choke hold on the market here in Norfolk. Cox ** soo much. 

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing so many connection problems. I checked from this end and so far I'm not seeing anything that would indicate an obvious problem. Can you try connecting a wired device and signing into your account to run a few speed tests there?