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2 years ago

Why can't I send emails on Iphone or Macbook while connect to wifi?

I cannot send emails through the Outlook app on my Macbook and I can't send emails on my iPhone through the mail app while I am on the internet. I can send emails when my phone is using its 5G or when my computer is using my phone as a hotspot, but if I am connected to wifi I can't send anything. This is the message I would get when the emails wouldn't send. cmsmtp blocked. Refer to Error Codes section at for more information. AUP#CXDNS

Error Code: -17099

Then I was doing some digging and I was able to send a few test emails when I turned off my SSL connection on my computer but it stopped working after a while. And this is the message I would get. 

Connection to the server failed or was dropped. 

Error Code: -3253

I get all my emails sent to me but I cannot send them when connected to my wifi. I currently am not using Cox internet because I moved to an state that does not provide Cox as an option and my parents are my account holders, they made me an email account under theirs. I am currently using Xfinity internet but I cannot send emails on my phone on my work wifi either. Something is wrong with the SMTP and SSL connection and needs to be fixed on 3rd party email platforms because I am not logging into my webmail every time I need to send an email.

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    Make sure on the computer, you are using SMTP.COX.NET, port 465 and ensure my connection requires a password is selected, (My connection requires authentication). The phone tends to work better using port 587. Do you have a windows computer to test with? There is a bug in the app email software that has issues with any mail server NOT an apple mail server, that pops up now and then. Also, when you double check your email settings, delete, and re-add your password, to force the device to overwrite the SMTP configuration, that sometimes helps as well. Personally, I use outlook on my macbook, it works better. I know saying microsoft and apple in the same sentence is heresy, but.....