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2 years ago

What is the Correct Certificate Publisher for Technicolor CGM4331 Cox Router?

I am getting cert / authentication errors when I go to the Cox Panoramic wifi console for my CGM4331 router.  I am not sure if something changed (been on this router for about a year).  Who is the authorized certificate authority for CGM4331 routers?  The current cert I am seeing is tied to and references Comcast.  The cert authority appears to be COMODO RSA.

Who is the correct cert authority?  Is there a way to replace the default certs?

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    I was always under the impression that you could ignore certification errors with local equipment. The Panoramic software is licensed from Comcast so that would make sense. As for how to replace, what browser are you using?

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    It's 30 April.  It's probably expired.  Reboot?