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2 years ago

Weird notification on Cox App

Hello guys, 

I been get pop ups on my cox wifi app saying that " A new device Sagemcom has connected to your home network" Now I do not recognize that device at all, I googled that device and it comes up as a router for some kind. I called Cox multiple times and was told that they were not to sure what it is. Now I have reset my wifi pass and also did a default to my modem/router (I have the white gig blast one) after that was done I got 15 pop ups on the wifi cox aps saying that " A new device called BE31472D6EB5 has connected to your home network. They are all not the same numbers all 15 are different. They are not Mac address and I did verify that with reps from cox. Today I got another popup from that Sagemcom device again has connected to my network.  All 15 pop ups on the cox app about devices connecting did not come in at the same time. I am not sure if my router is hacked or if this is a cox issue. The cox app has notified me about them blocking a website 4 times on 4 different devices 2 phone and 1 PC and 1 Pad. The website is called I never have gone to that website at all and from what I am seeing it is malware. Not sure what to do. 

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  • Hi Drew2154, I'm sorry that your calls to Technical Support weren't helpful. We received a notification approximately an hour ago that our network engineers are investigating an issue where customers are receiving notifications for unknown devices connecting to their wifi networks. We know this is a matter of utmost urgency and we're working to resolve it. I apologize for the stress and concern this has caused today! We will post here when we get further information. --Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      What is the notification process from Cox to subscribers for issues with an "utmost urgency"?

      Would the notice be something you push to the app, an email, status on an account page?

      It reassuring Cox is on top of it, but how would you keep subscribers in the loop?

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        Just one more reason to have your own router. Things like this are bound to happen when you put everything in the cloud.

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      So if this has happened to other people this is a sys issue and not like someone is hacking just me. This worries me as this router called Sagemcom has connected twice, Once after I changed my wifi pass and other after I defaulted my router/modem unit, changed my network name and pass again. 

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        Try disabling the Cox hotspot and see if that makes any difference. Maybe you are seeing the hotspot traffic connect. If not I would wait until Cox gives the all clear before I worry.

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        We have received an update that this has been resolved.

        Greg P
        Cox Forums Moderator