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Website Not Found (Only on Cox Internet)

About 2 hours ago several of my sites, hosted by Go Daddy, cannot be found when my devices are connected to Cox internet (wireless or ethernet). Even though I have a solid internet connection and can load other sites - Google, Facebook... If I use an alternative source of internet, from the same location, i.e. Verizon hotspot, my sites load just fine.

I have spoken to both Cox and Go Daddy. Each says there is no reported problem and nothing they can do.

I have booted the router. Turned off all of my machines. Cleared the cache. And duplicated the same results on different computers\devices - Laptop, Desktop, iPad, and iPhone. COX has also reset the equipment.

The last word from Go Daddy was - Give it some time. The last word from Cox was - You have internet, so if your site's not loading that's a Go Daddy issue.

I know it sounds like a crazy situation, but I'm open to suggestions.

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    Go Daddy has a habit of blocking Cox IP addresses. Run a Tracert to one of the sites being hosted, I will wager a cup of coffee, that it starts to fail at their router. 

    Ran into that a LOT when I was working for Cox...

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      Thanks for the Tracert suggestion. The first fail on the list was at line 9 which they said proved it was not the router. But if you worked for Cox you would know better than I. It's all Greek to me.

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        Please post your results so we may all better understand what they mean.

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      Thanks everyone for being SO responsive. I was out of the office today with no access to reply. Long story short - I replaced the Gateway Modem and all is better.

      Tech support was completely baffled. But, I visited a Cox Store and the manager said, whenever something weird like that happens it's typically a sign that the modem is going bad.

      So, short of this issue resurfacing I'm once again a happy COX customer. [Smile]

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        Sounds more like it was a IP block and changing the gateway changed the public IP. It would still be helpful to see the old tracert vs the new one to confirm.