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6 years ago

webmail down???

Has anyone else been having trouble logging into webmail?? I think the server was hacked because I have been receiving a ton of spam emails from my "contacts", and I have never received spam emails before. Does anyone know if the server is down or what is happening? 

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    Same exact situation for me, too, laxislife. Are you still having the same problem? Cox apparently outsourced their email servers.  I probably receive about 30 spoofed spam emails from my "contacts" every day.  Not happy!!

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      Webmail has been working fine for over 3 weeks now BUT yesterday it was slower than dial-up BUT wasn't just restricted to webmail. The whole Internet was slooooooowwwwwww. Today the speed is good though.
      My spoof emails are annoying too. You'd think someone could reverse engineer a way to verify if sender was an actual person or not and disable the source.

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    It's been down for me a lot this year. It was briefly working 20 hours ago. When it was working I had to block and delete 15 or so 'bot spam emails.