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5 years ago

Was I being lied to to make me upgrade?

Twice Ive been told my account doesn't get overage charges.

Is there any truth to this? Is it a lie? Or are they stretching things.

Chat Transcript
01:45:06 AM [Customer] Live Agent.
01:45:06 AM [Bot] I'll connect you to the right person, what do you need help with? [I don't currently have Cox services] [I'm looking to add/upgrade services] [I'm looking for support]
01:45:07 AM [Customer] I'm looking for support
01:45:07 AM [Bot] Do you need technical help? [Yes] [No]
01:45:09 AM [Customer] No
01:45:09 AM [Bot]I'm connecting you with a live account services agent.
[Chat Now]
01:45:15 AM [Erick F]Hi! My name is Erick F and I'm happy to help you.
01:45:34 AM [Customer] Hi Erick, my name is *******
01:46:10 AM [Erick F]Hi ******* How can I help you?
01:48:11 AM [Customer] my account shows i have 133% data usage, but i was never notified, by phone, text, or email, that it was even close. Both my phone number, and email are, and have been verified, and all notification settings are on.
01:48:58 AM [Erick F]I completely understand.
01:49:58 AM [Erick F]You want to complaint because nobody advised you?
01:50:36 AM [Customer] i want to know if i may have missed anything
01:51:28 AM [Erick F]Actually, I'm seeing here that you don't have a data limit where you live, so even though we didn't notify you.
01:51:34 AM [Erick F]You won't have overcharges for it.
01:52:06 AM [Customer] Are you sure?
01:52:23 AM [Erick F]Also, I see here ******* that you're eligible to get 1024 Mbps plus a panoramic wifi modem DOCSIS 3.1, for only $6.65 with free activation and for 12 months, no contract included.
01:52:47 AM [Erick F]Yes, *******, you can use 5000 Gb of data and you won't have any overcharge
01:54:16 AM [Erick F]The offer sounds great right?
01:54:52 AM [Customer] it does, its the second time im hearing it. i contacted about a differant issue a while ago and was told the same thing.
01:55:48 AM [Customer] the chat was disconnected before we finished, when i reconnected with someone else the told me i WAS charged overages
01:56:21 AM [Erick F]No you didn't I want to apologize if we caused inconveniences or misunderstandings.
01:56:54 AM [Erick F]You won't have overages for data usage, and for the plan that I'm offering only if you accept it, you'll have prorated charge on your next bill but that is a one time charge.
01:57:15 AM [Erick F]But I can assure you, there won't be overages for data usage.
01:57:27 AM [Customer] you can guarantee this?
01:57:31 AM [Erick F]I can yes
01:57:41 AM [Erick F]And I will leave in the notes that I did tell you this
01:57:52 AM [Customer] then id like the upgrade
01:57:57 AM [Erick F]Absolutely.
01:58:09 AM [Erick F]Would you like the modem to be shipped or to pick it up at a Cox store?
01:58:25 AM [Customer] shipped
01:58:51 AM [Customer] i just call or connect online to activate it correct?
01:59:26 AM [Erick F]Absolutely, the new monthly rate will be $111.64 and a prorated charge of $6.65 will be reflected in your next bill, the modem will arrive in 2-3 business days, and yes when you get the modem you just need to contact us to activate it.
01:59:48 AM [Erick F]The new speed will be 1024 Mbps with a Panoramic Wifi modem DOCSIS 3.1
01:59:50 AM [Customer] is there an activation fee?
01:59:56 AM [Erick F]I will track this order so I can make sure you get it.
01:59:59 AM [Erick F]No activation fee
02:00:03 AM [Erick F]No worries.
02:00:18 AM [Customer] alright
02:00:56 AM [Erick F]We're good to go, ******* I leave notes about the data problem, and the order, your satisfaction means everything to us, is there any other question at this moment?
02:01:29 AM [Customer] Thats it, thank you very much
02:01:36 AM [Erick F]You're more than welcome!
02:01:51 AM [Erick F]Have an amazing rest of your day and I hope you enjoy your new service!

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    Is Cox charging you or just showing you've gone 133%?

    I'm curious:  what plan were you on before this upgrade?

    I always get a chuckle from "you're eligible!"  Wow...I am eligible to pay you more?  That's great!