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5 years ago

Using existing coax for MoCA

I would like to use my existing coax for MoCA.  I have only Internet, no cable TV.

The problem is this.  All of the coax terminates in a box outside the house, which makes powering devices problematic.  Many years ago, to resolve a signal issue, Cox replaced a large splitter going to each rooom with a three port splitter, servicing the cable modem, and two televisions.  All of the other coax are unconnected.

How do I connect MoCA?  The coax into the house connects to the modem, but I don't have any other available coax in the room to connect into the coax.  I suppose I could have another coax cable run to a splitter in the box outside, but how do I power it?  I could split the cable between the wall and the cable modem, but I have the same issue. 

I'm wondering if my only option is to have something installed professionally, or maybe Cox has equipment that will allow me to do this?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Power what?  Besides your Internet modem, what requires power?  Does the Cox-replaced 3-port splitter plug into an electrical outlet?  If so, it's not just a splitter but a signal amplifier.  The tech had to boost your signal to within operating specs.

    Just as a reference point, all coax doesn't terminate in the outside box...your signal from Cox originates at the outside box.  The outside box is a Network Interface Device (NID) and is the demarcation point between you and Cox.

    Where are these other unconnected coax the outside box?  If so, that's where you'd split your signal for the other rooms.

    Where were the 2 televisions the other rooms?  Are those coax cables (for the 2 televisions) still connected to the Cox-replaced 3-port splitter?  If so, those rooms are already connected for your MoCA adapters.