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6 years ago

Use existing CISCO wireless router with TG1682 ?

I accepted Cox' offer to upgrade my old SB6121 modem; was surprised to see a TG1682 modem/wireless router in the box that arrived today ! My existing CISCO dual-band wireless router and Netgear extender are working fine; I have all four wired ports in use and a large number of wireless device MAC addresses loaded into the MAC address filtering table. Is there a way to connect the existing wireless router to the TG1682, so I don't have to risk breaking a working WiFi network ? If not, can I swap the TG1682 for a modem-only device ?

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  • I wouldn't recommend connecting 2 routers so close to each other as that could cause a lot of wifi interference between the two. I'm surprised that you were provided this modem instead of a stand-alone modem as this type of modem would typically need to be rented from us (that is the modem that is used for the panoramic service). We may need to look over the account to make sure this wasn't put in as a panoramic rental. Please email us at with a link to this thread so that we can investigate this for you.

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