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4 years ago

Upload speeds lagging

Help. Up load speeds are dreadful. 1.30 mb when it should be 3 but even with that at times no success. This happenEd a few weeks ago. Major issues for days. I lost hours of work time but when I call you, customer support runs you around in circles saying its all good. when I did an independent test it is obvious spreed is lagging. Then days later at weird hours your might get what you pay for. The only help I get is.. up grade or pay for tech support. Again stating it has to be an issue on my end when it is obvious it is not. COX why are you not being upfront or forth right with the facts? I have also read people who pay the bigger dollars have just the same issues. Uploads are important for me and there is no way around it. 

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    Are you having this issue on a wired or wireless device?

    Jonathan J
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      Both ipad and a desktop. Been going on for days... 

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        So far from this end the device seems to be working as expected. Were you able to try testing a wrired connection to see if that's working any better? I'm not seeing any active when I look from here. -Chris