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4 years ago

Unable to get speeds above 350MBPS via panaromic wifi

Due to Covid situation and all 5 in our family having to use Zoom or do some streaming upgraded to gigablast as we had issues with the old connection speed (300GB) but unlike what was promised havent got anything beyond 300-400MB download speed over the past 5 months. Even when i contacted tech care via chat they basically they were dismissive. I asked my neighbor who upgraded to the same speed and he also said he has never got any speed over 400MB. So is Cox skimming its customers to pay for high speed without actually being able to support those speeds thru their own modem?

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    Got the same issue and cox tech couldnt resolve. Returned cox panoramic modem/router and downgraded to a cheaper service.

    You may try your own modem/router. My netgear modem/ tplink router outperform cox panoramic in wifi signal and range.

  • Hi Ramesh123, my suggestion is to contact us through Facebook, Twitter @coxhelp, or email: for troubleshooting with a tech (please include a link to this post).

    You may also chat live with an online tech support rep 24/7: scroll down to/click on Let's chat or contact us at 1-800-234-3993 24/7 technical support. We would be able to obtain information from your area and equipment and be better able to assist you. The forum's members are not able to access such information.

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  • Out of curiosity, is the modem a 3.0 DOCIS?  It should be a 3.1 DOCIS.  And are the CAT cables old? I am currently thinking of upgrading my service to the gigablast as well. I have replaced my old cables for Cat 6 and next is to buy a Arris surfboard 8200 and call cox for the upgrade, but not if I wont get close to 900 mb or more.