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Training of "Technical Support"

So I come from a technical support job. I deal with internet providers across the country all day for a living. I have never dealt with such under trained and rude technical support (I've had 6 contacts in less than 24 hours) as I have the last two days. None of them were able to speak in proper English sentences and when I caught "Charles" (as if this is his real name) in a lie, he just stammered until he put me on an indefinite hold. 

The lie Charles said was that my router was receiving the signal from Cox and that it was the router that was the problem. Unfortunately for Charles, I unplugged the router 5 minutes beforehand and never plugged it back in just to see what he would say. After this, I was put on hold for over 15 minutes and called back, received another technician (who luckily spoke English) and they acknowledged the issue on Cox's end and my issue was resolved in under 5 minutes. 

Charles called back later to apologize for the call disconnecting and that no supervisors were available at which point I terminated the call. 

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  • I had a similar experience with "Jeffrey O" this evening when i chatted online to report an outage.  First he told me that Cox was doing maintenance in the area (at 9pm local), then said it was due to children in school using all the bandwidth (at 0pm local???), and finally agreed with me that there was an outage in the area after chatting for an hour.  Thats when he decided to trounleshoot my cable modem (because thats going to be really effective during an outage).

    Complete waste of my time, he couldn't get his story straight about what was going on regarding the service, then misled me about crediting my account for this months service as we have had 3 multi-hour outages in 5 days.

    The lack of proper training, inability to speak clear english, inabikity to follow through, a d poor technical skills led to (another) bad customer service experience.