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7 months ago

Tired of outages

I'm tired of service interruptions without compensation. If service continually is unavailable, what am I paying for?  No technical support during event and no compensation for inconvenience. This is unacceptable. Imagine paying for a meal that us not served!  Ludicrous!!!  Please stand with me

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  • Hello, 


    I am sorry you have had repeat outages in your area. I understand these can be a problem and frustrating. We value your business and want you to have a good and reliable connection. Outages do happen, sometimes they are unplanned and sometimes they are maintenance. I can say that we will always work to resolve them as quickly as possible. Now not all homes react the same way in an outage. Some homes might have intermittent or no services and some might not be affective at all. This is the reason an automated credit is not applied to customers’ accounts who are in outage area. However, we do not expect customers to pay for services they are not receiving. Please email us your full name, complete address, and Cox pin. I would be happy to investigate this matter for you. 


    Thank you for choosing Cox support! 

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      Your response was refreshing,  Julian. I also have been affected by an absurd number of outages (probably at least 10 outages in last 3 weeks, with one lasting 24+ hours, and we are currently down again). I would live to take you up on your offer to investigate for possible compensation. Where should I send the email?

      Thank you!

  • Hi there. My name is Allison, and I will be assisting you while Julian is away. We value your business and sincerely apologize for the interruptions. I'm here to help. You can email us at

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      Thanks, Allison. I don't want to post my address and PIN here, so I'll send an email to coxhelp. We are currently down AGAIN (3rd day in a row, not to mention the 24 hour outage earlier in the week and the numerous short outages in the prior few weeks).

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        Hello rshilsto,

        I am sorry about that. We certainly do not want you to post any personal information here. I have edited our message to reflect sending the email through email. I am so sorry that you are experiencing trouble currently. We are happy to help review the account to see what's going and check for credits due to the service trouble.  

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    These outages are becoming more and more frequent! I thought Cox was working towards better service. Seems like it's only getting worse!