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5 years ago

Tired of Latency and Packet Loss

So tired of latency and packet loss like most of you are. Literally cannot play competitively anymore in online games because they refuse to address the complaints. It's especially brutal when connecting to anything AWS or Google related, funny how that works. Fortunately, they railroaded other service provides out of Arizona so we get stuck with garbage COX.

If you're experiencing the same issues:

File a complaint with the FCC - eventually, they'll need to justify the number of re-occurring complaints.

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    Same here in Omaha Nebraska.  I've tried everything and even a directly connected laptop to the modem.  The Call Center just tells me that they can see my modem.  Well, duh!  It's not dead!!  My upload speeds are for the most part fine and reporting in between 20-30 Mbps, but my download speed is about 5-10Mbps and it's usually over 200!  And now they won't dispatch techs!?!?!?!  I shouldn't be paying for this crappy service if they aren't sending anyone out to fix it.  I want my billing to be suspended until they can dispatch a tech to fix this **!!  At least send someone out to the outside box to see if the issue is there...

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    I have the exact same issue, the tech come by and replace all the tips of the wired but the problem is still there. High latency and spikes ping randomly could not play anything. SO FRUSTRATED. 

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      I am in the same situation. My games are extremely laggy. Sometimes it is so bad that I feel physically sick when the rubber-banding gets really bad. I had three tech visits in the past week and a half and they told me that the node was going to be split at some point and that I should be patient. $165 per month for this is ridiculous. I am sick of getting ripped off and lied to.

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        That is even worst than mine. The tech that I have talked to, they said the problem comes from my neighbor when many people are staying at home and work. Thus, they conclude that is not their problem. 

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    Same here in Vegas. This issue been going since last month for me. I cant even play online games any more. Its frustrating when they keep denying the problem and tell you everything is fine. Gonna switch to Century Link for their fiber optic instead.

  • Hi Wrekkt, your modem is reporting packet loss. Are there any splitters or extra connectors on the coax connection to the modem? Have you tested a different modem to see if the packet loss continues? We may need to schedule a service call so an on-site technician can resolve this for you. Please email us at so we can troubleshoot further. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator