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8 months ago

The Story of a 36 hour outage and some of the worst support on the planet

Hey Cox, there was recently a 36 hour outage in my area.  And I want to talk about your handling of this situation especially from the support side, because this was the worst experience I've ever had with an ISP.

On Monday around 1AM, internet in my neighborhood completely went down.  No notifications were sent to anybody, and we had to find this out the hard way when we tried to get online for work.  OK, network problems happen, that's understandable.  What happened next is not.

  • Despite calling several times, going on this forum, talking to email support, I was not able to get a straight answer as to what the problem was or when it would be fixed.  I had to send no fewer than 5 angry emails to finally get a response that there was fiber damage that was being repaired.  Why could you not have told all of the affected customers what the situation was the moment you knew about it? It's utterly disrespectful to people who are already paying way too much for this service.
  • No estimate was ever given for the repairs to be completed.  I refuse to believe that your trained professionals couldn't give us any sort of estimate for when they would be done.  Again, totally disrespectful to your customers, many of whom rely on the internet for their livelihood and need to be given SOME sort of estimate for when repairs will be done.  It's complicated, fine.  But you can't tell us NOTHING.
  • Early this morning, I was told in email support that the problem had been fixed overnight.  After a reset was sent to my modem, I was then informed that actually the problem HADN'T been fixed.  I was then given no fewer then 3 different deadlines for when it would be fixed, all of which passed without the problem being fixed, before being told there was just no more information, sorry. 
  • In another truly bizarre interaction on your email support line, the representative insisted on deadnaming me even after I requested that the name on my account be switched.  To which I was told the only way to change the name on my account was -- I kid you not -- To fill out a physical paper form and FAX it in to you.  Which was later proven to be COMPLETELY false as a different representative fixed the name issue in 30 seconds.
  • I was then told this afternoon via text that the network outage had been fixed (only took 36 hours apparently).  However my internet was not working.  I spoke to THREE different tech supports, and got THREE different answers as to what the problem was
    • The first support said that actually no, the network outage was not fixed, but it would be fixed in a few hours
    • The second support said that the network was fine and the problem was definitely my modem which was too old and needed to be replaced, going so far as to gaslighting me into thinking the fact that my modem was warm means it must be past its service life (which, by the way, no Cox.... modems don't break after three years and need to be replaced.  It's not a freaking car engine with moving parts.  Stop lying to your customers to try to sell them modems.  Absolutely outrageous)
    • The third support said that the network and modem was connecting fine and they couldn't figure out why there was no internet, but they would send a technician.
  • Lo and behold, none of the tech supports had gotten it right.  I, somebody who does not fix modems and internet problems for a living, figured out that I had to go into and re-setup all my router settings after the reset signal had been sent by tech support.  Why does your tech support not know this is something that needs to be checked? I guess it probably helps you sell modems if people think their modem is broken.
  • Let me also say how frustrating it is to constantly be talked to with patronizing corporate speak, on here, in email, and on the phone, to be gaslit into thinking things are not broken when they clearly are, and to be given insulting tokens like a $3 refund on my bill (which, by the way, customers SHOULD NOT have to ASK for a refund for services that were not provided.  You need to make these refunds happen automatically when service is not provided for entire days at a time).

Well cheers and have a good Thanksgiving.

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  • Hi,

    I apologize for the experience you have had. I will be glad to review this with you. Please reach out pout to us privately with your account info including your full street address. our email address is


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      Greg, listen.  I know you have to say "email us"... But I have experienced enough Cox support for the day.  I know what will happen if I email.  I'll get deadnamed and after hours of back and forth, extended a $3 credit just to insult me.  Not doing it.

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      GregP1 wrote:

      Please reach out pout to us privately

      I wonder what Sigmund Freud would have said about that.  šŸ˜‰ 

       Sorry, CoxBlox It was just there.  I didn't say it.

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        Lolllll, I have definitely done some pouting privately to Cox today.