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4 years ago

Thank You Cox

I wanted to thank Cox for providing impeccable service during the hard and tiring times of coronavirus. I have 100 mbps service, and I am able to work from home comfortably and without any disruptions what so ever. My work requires frequent video calls with team members. The calls run smoothly even when my family members are watching Netflix and youtube in HD. The internet speeds have remained fast even after the entire city is in lockdown. It is really amazing.

Thank once again to entire Cox team.

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    i'm glad it's working for you but i'm surprised the video calls, netflix & youtube are working with 100 plan.

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      Are there still 100 Mbps plans?  I think Cox increased Preferred 100 to 150.

      OP only said HD.  What's the requirement for HD...5 Mbps?

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        prior to getting the panoramic unit, my 100 was bumped to 150 without asking. i'm not sure on requirement for hd.

  • We have had three outages in my neighborhoods since 3/13. Not surprised we had one on Friday the 13th!

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      Hello, we understand these outages can be frustrating and inconvenient to deal with. We apologize for the service interruptions. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator