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5 years ago

Terrible upload speeds the past 3 weeks

I live in the 85202 Mesa area and I've been having major problems with terrible upload speeds. Playing games online is impossible due to constant lag spikes when playing different game titles like WoW, Battlefield 5 and Counterstrike.

I have been on chats and the phone with tech support but they offer nothing but blatantly obvious scripted routines that do not fix anything.

There were 2 Cox trucks at the apartment complex yesterday and the internet was back to what I am paying for. It was fantastic yesterday. No lag and no issues. Today, however, it is back to being utter garbage and unusable. 

I work from home due to Covid and right now I rely heavily on the internet to maintain my job. I have dealt with this terrible internet for 3 weeks now. I am getting sick of this.

I have bought a new modem and had a tech onsite on Monday. He replaced everything he could as far as the coax lines, filter and splitters are concerned. None of that helped.

If this is a congestion issue then Cox needs to get on the ball and get this fixed.

Cox also needs to credit my account for a month of internet because I've had better internet tethering my Verizon S10+ phone for internet. That has been a lot more stable and I don't lag out when playing online or doing my work functions.

TLDR: Uploads speeds are abysmal. Cox fix it and do it soon or you're going to lose a lot of customers for this BS.

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