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5 years ago

Terrible Reliability on Gigablast

I upgraded from 300Mbps to Gigablast on Saturday and have had terrible reliability ever since. Three times over the course of two nights I was in the middle of playing games on my PC and the internet service just totally cut out. I validated on my router that it was fine but there was no internet access. Speeds show a good 930Mbps+ but at times, the service will just completely drop requiring a modem reboot. I purchased my modem new and it's on the Cox Gigablast compatibility list.

My colleague at work (in the same general service area) bought the same modem and had exactly the same issue after upgrading. He said he called Cox and got a technician that "changed the server he was pointed to" that resolved the issue for him.

The first time I called Cox support a lady didn't know what a cable card or a cable modem was and was unfamiliar with the equipment that I had. I told her that the cable card had nothing to do with this and she said oh wow your speeds look fast and transferred me to customer retention.

Customer retention was like wtf, why are you here and sent me back to a tech.

That tech said the numbers look fine and said they would have to send someone out but might bill me $75 if it wasn't their problem. I told him how the heck am I supposed to replicate intermittent connectivity issues and not to get billed. He said the system wouldn't let him let me talk to someone who could do anything over the phone.

The last thing I tried was sending a chat message through the site and talking to a tech. He said the numbers look fine as well and reset my modem without saying anything which disconnected me.

After buying a new modem and all of this, my service is less reliable than it ever was with 300Mbps and Cox service has been horrible. How the heck can I get someone on the phone who knows what they're doing and can look at SNRs and do whatever this "pointing to a different server (possibly a PoP change?)" might be?

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  • Hello. We can look into this poor service that you are receiving. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to Thanks -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.