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5 years ago

Techs claiming to submit maintenance tickets

Four techs have came out and said there is a problem with the line going from the ped to the main.  I have repetitively called, chatted and texted COX.  I paid for the extra tech support and still getting no fix.  I have now replaced the standard equipment with top of the line NETGEAR modem and router that I have invested hundreds of additional dollars into. 

Every tech said there is a problem in the ped to the main and told me directly that they will submit a maintenance ticket to have it checked and fixed, yet nothing is being worked on or fixed.   I pay almost 200 dollars a month for internet and tv, but internet will not work and send signals at times that are less than a third of what the plan is that I pay for.

I need a fix and answers of why things are being ignored by this company.  And the worst part of it all is their is no other option for our neighborhood. 

A frustrated and feeling underappreciated customer.

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    It’s time for a class action lawsuit from all of us against Cox cable!

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    I was just told this the other day, & nothing has happened yet.  I’m paying over $300.00 dollars a month.  And getting such crappy giga blast service.  As I said earlier it’s time for all of us to initiate a class action lawsuit against Cox Cable for False advertising in regards to the giga blast!

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    Hi Jegoldsmith, what issues are you experiencing with our service? A maintenance ticket was submitted on 04/10 regarding low levels and our records show this was resolved on 04/15. For additional support, please feel free to email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      i have had the gigablast service for 5 days now and havent seen any speeds over 270 meg with 50-150 being the norm.

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        Hello Brolord17,

        We want to help find the cause for the speed loss you're seeing. We can help reserve a service appointment to see if there's an issue on our end, though technicians are not allowed inside the home during the pandemic. There isn't an obvious sign of an issue in your area. Of the devices that connected, please test the speed on WiFi, and also check to see if it's replicated on a hardwired connection to any of the available Ethernet ports on the WiFi Modem.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I am extremely frustrated with Cox for the same reasons.  We also have no other option in our area which is terrible, Cox has a monopoly on the internet in our area as well.  I have spend hours and hours with Cox calling, chatting, requesting a resolution and the company does not care nor have they made any effort to fix this ongoing problem that I continue to pay for with my time and money. 

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    This is so frustrating. I feel you man. I’m literally getting 3 mbps now due to an outage and I’m forced to use my cell phone hotspot to finish my work. I am paying for gigablast but I don’t get anywhere near 150 during the day. It’s usually 60-70 at most and around 100 if I’m lucky. I tried calling the tech support numerous times in the past 2 weeks and one of them put me on a 30 min hold after I put them on blast and I got frustrated so I had to disconnect. I’m sure that was on purpose and I really hope the dude gets fired for doing that. They need to reimburse for days with outage