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2 years ago

Technicians don't know what packet loss is

I've had issues with cox multiple times throughout the past few years of service. Much of it just consists of getting severe packet loss which I've logged through multiple applications. Every time I have contacted the support lines, I've always been told the same things. Oh it must be your modem, please replace it. No it must be an issue with cabling in your home. I've replaced my modem and cabling multiple times to prove that it is not my equipment, which cox of course does not compensate. The tech support is only taught two things, how to reset a modem and to sell cox complete care which does nothing. When they obviously cannot fix the issue with either of these suggestions, they schedule a tech to come out. This is where it becomes even more ridiculous. I have months of logs show casing the packet loss that I've been experiencing yet not a single tech want's to know this information. And it comes down to one simple thing, every tech outside of a supervisor have all told me they have no idea what packet loss is. I've had to explain to them what it was and how it affects my service. They don't even know how to test for it. How is any of this acceptable? My service is degraded and when I try to inform cox of the issues I'm having, their decision is to send an incompetent tech who does not even understand the problem the customer is having.

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    Hahahaha, have you tried turning it off and back on again. Pretty sad!!!

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      Ya know, I haven't thought of trying that yet!

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        They wont even post my scathing thread. Provided a network utilization analysis proving they are idiots. Checking out T-Mobile 5k free for a month. I could put a router at every TV in the house and still be more cost effective. Good luck.

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    Ask for a Line supervisor to come out. You will need to be escalated to Tier 2 support when you call in to get this.

    when the line supervisor comes out show him three things:

    1. speed test ran directly on a laptop or computer connected DIRECTLY TO THE MODEM or Router, nothing else.

    2. Pull your S2N logs from your modem (easy to do if you own an Arris Modem). It will point to an Ingress on the Modem not being right.

    3. have the line supervisor perform an Ingress test at the pole, not at your house box. If it matches what your S2N ratio log is, it will support you having an ingress issue and then they will fix it.

    Tech 1s are just for replacing runs from pole to house, and for making sure the modem has been reset. That’s it.

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      Hi, what do you mean by S2N logs from the modem? I have an SB8200 and I suspect there’s ingress noise on my line.

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        Signal-to-Noise Ratio, enter in a browser, measured on downstream channels, expressed as dB