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6 years ago


I signed Cox internet 100 plan.  I am using the streaming live TV.  However, I am getting error message :disconnected network or internet connection.  I called Cox technical support like few times and they gave me different solution.  at the result of this, it is still same problem.  I wonder if anyone has same problem I have and able to resolve the problem?  Thank you

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    100 Mbps would be adequate for streaming, but that's 100 Mbps to your router.  How does the router connect to your streaming device...wirelessly?  If so, what type of wireless router do you have...-g, -n, -ac?

    Cox is correct.  There are different solutions for wireless congestion, such as on your your network...equality.

    What else is on your network consuming bandwidth?  Disconnect them.  If you don't want to disconnect them, set a higher priority for your device on the router (QoS).

    Are there other wireless networks in your neighborhood?  2.4 GHz isn't 1 channel but 14 channels.  It's actually 2.412, 2.417, 2.422, 2.427, etc.  The 1/1000th portion of the frequencies (.012, .017, .022, etc) are "channels."  If there are other routers in your neighborhood broadcasting on channel-1 (2.412 GHz), it would be a congested frequency.  Try another channel.

  • Hi Gus007, on what device are you trying to stream live TV? In addition to the Preferred 100 Internet tier, are you also subscribed to a Contour Flex TV package? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator