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4 years ago

Speedtests Show Cox NOt Able to Deliver What is Paid for!

I have taken multiple speedtests daily and I have never received the speed I pay for and sometimes it's not even a third of it!  
I ask for credit since the issue apparently can't be fixed and nothing.
I am getting late charges as I did not pay the full bill - even though you say you are working with people and not attaching late charges during this time.

All I want is credit on my account to reflect that I am not even getting half of the service I am paying for!

You also blocked me on your Facebook page because I was advising others to do the speedtests and screenshot them.

Anyone else having these issues?

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    The purpose of our forums is to discuss technical issues with peers that may have insights into possible solutions. Individual account issues are best discussed privately. Feel free to email us at if you require further assistance with your account.