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Speedtest shows great speed, but streaming/gaming my ping/latency is high.

Speed tests are great, shows what I'm getting and paying for, but when I'm streaming/gaming my latency constantly jumps. I've done all of the reset modem etc. Nothing has helped. It's been like this for over a year, some days are fine but majority of the time it's been pretty unstable. Is this neighborhood congestion or something?

I ran a CMD and did "ping -t" and the latency jumps from stable to unstable constantly.

I've been told that it could be the node outside my house wherever the connection is...not sure what to do!!!

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  • Hello. Please have your device run a traceroute or pingplotter to the service you are trying to access and respond back with those results. -Allan, Support Forums Moderator

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    speed-tests, whether with cox or ookla can be misleading when you're in the real world.

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      Hi Bearone2, third-party speed tests conducted off of the Cox network may not provide the most accurate representation of the performance of our Cox network. The results from some third-party speed tests are more reliable than others and reliability can vary from location-to-location. The speed test infrastructure is made up of hardware, software, and network capacity, which can vary for a single provider. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator