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2 years ago

Speedtest results for Gigablast - what is expected?

Running Cox's speed test I get on average 260-290 mbps download;  on gigablast.  Is this normal? What is the expected normal day to day range I should see? 
     Surfboard docsis 3.1 modem
     Netgear Nightawk router
     Speed test does not vary much bypassing router but I haven't tried in a while.

From a customer's perspective if my daily average is 300 mbps; why not lower my plan to the 500 mbps plan if I never reach higher speeds? 

Is there something I am missing or am I on the right track here. 

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    If you're only getting 300, downgrade to 300 Mbps.  Test it after a "while."

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      Kind of my thought; all my equipment supports 1000mbps; drivers are updated, cables are good as far as I can tell. If I am getting by without the extra speed might as well downgrade to the 500mbps tier. 

      I should still get the same speed after all unless Cox throttles it down because I am not on gigablast...

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        @Sevaul, We can certainly look into these slow speeds for you. I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.