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6 years ago


Spam is flooding Cox email daily, as everyone in forum says. Something needs to be done to stop this.  

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  • Hi Margo152b, please know that Cox has many resources focused on improving spam management, and we are in the process of upgrading our spam filters. We appreciate your patience as we work toward these improvements! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Not all spam can be stopped at the Cox level unless you want to risk good mail also blocked.  I don't use cox e-mail but have about 30 domains and 5 active e-mails.  I use one my main personal account spamstopshere which via an mx entry routes all inbound e-mail through their filters.

    So far as of 10/21/2018 just for one account for 21 days it has blocked 2947 spam messages with its various blacklist filters etc. 1042 messages were "good" but maybe 50 of those were really spam. My domain host also does additional spam blocking which catches some.

    Some of the spam has my from e-mail phished.  It was not actually sent from my account per logs. but makes it look like it was.

    The point is the spammer's technology has far outpaced any host technology to try and block since they keep changing and phishing return addresses and change IPs so blacklists don't always work.  You can't blame cox for the spam and whatever filters they will use will not be 100% effective.

    And this isn't even from the thousands of Russian, China etc bots since none are really political but mostly just dumb and some I can't read since not even in English.  I use Outlook to block e-mail addresses but since they keep changing them is not very effective. 

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      they already block "good" mail dave.  i am following a couple of threads on here & so far (for weeks now) EVERY reply notification i've gotten has gone into my spam folder.  and that's THEIR mail!  today, everything in my spam folder was "good" and all the spam was in my "in."

      oh, and i'm not getting all the reply notifications. some come, some don't.

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        Yes, they should be able to whitelist from email or IP the responses/posts here.  Since I don't use my cox account except for here thought I'd check my cox webmail... haven't checked for a few years :)  I log in but get "the site can't be reached error".  I do the network check and all is well just can't reach from my main cox menu under the webmail inbox link that goes to 

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      I guess you don't use gmail or hotmail.  I rarely have a SPAM email in my inbox (maybe 1 a week) and haven't had a real email blocked.  Blocking email is not rocket science anymore.  real tech companies that provide email as a product have figured this out years ago.