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I too have been getting a lot of spam. Right now I have 400 e-mail spam. I'm going to let it all fill out and get to 2 megs. I have 2 other mail accounts and I never get spam in either one of them.This is really bad that Cox can do this. This is the only problem that I have with them. I will just let this email account go dormant.

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  • It’s ridiculous, and Cox does nothing to stop it.  It’s all on us.  There is an inordinate amount of spam coming from the domain  You think they’d do something about it but noooooo, at least 20 spam emails a day from that domain.  And what weirds me out lately is these spammers include our usernames in the localpart of the email address of origination.  That should raise red flags and set off alarms right there.

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    Ironically, the most spam I get comes from Cox. I don't use a Cox email address, so I don't get much spam, in general. Gmail does a good job of keeping it out. I get emails every week about GigaBlast or whatever it's called, plus notices about fights, etc. I've unsubscribed every time I've gotten one, but it does no good. The Cox spam keeps coming. I've called customer service twice, and both times they said my account was noted that I didn't want marketing emails. Still doesn't matter; the Cox spam continues. 

    Cox, if you're reading this, please take note: If it doesn't have to do with my bill, I don't want an email about it. 

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    As JP says, you are not alone.  I am waking up to 30 spams every morning.  Then 10-20 more during the day.  Mostly from 2 originators.  One has the sender name as Gioko, Giojo, Gloco, Gloio, etc.  The tag line is something that seems to be translated from Chinese "a polite you will enjoy" or "announce to see this" with a link.  The 2nd group is "pharmacy" junk.  I used to open the headers to see where they are coming from.  It's not worth the trouble.  A forum visitor said that Cox is making major changes to email which is causing the problems.  There must be some truth to that since I never used to get more then 3-4 spams per day. 

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    Cox is really dropping the ball on SPAM lately.  I can't believe how many emails that are obvious spam gets through but emails from *.gov, some important, go directly to my spam directory.  I spend 20 minutes every day reporting spam emails as spam.  Cox immediately redirects them back to my inbox. I go to the spam folder and report all the legit emails as Not Spam.  COx also ignores this and continues to send them to the spam folder.  

  • I finally found this Forum and I am not the only one upset with Cox about incoming Spam all day.  I have never used my Cox account for anything but my Personnel email.  All my ordering, etc. is with another account so someone has gotten into my Contacts and using my friend's names to send Spam but with another domain.  I belong to the DAR and Cox has blocked me from sending emails to my members in most cases.  They say it is Outgoing Spam.  I have tried talking to Cox and their suggestion was to get Cox Business.  I am not a Business and refuse to do this and pay more.  I am switching over to gmail to send my DAR messages.  I have been a Cox Member for many, many years and never had a problem until a few weeks ago.  Thanks for your posts and my not being alone.