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4 years ago

Slow Upload Speeds after 6pm

Hi everyone,

I have been having an issue where my upload speeds will drop significantly from 30mbps upload, to 1.0mbps or even less. This happens around the same time every night, at 6pm PST. I have had two technicians come out, and they have yet to fix the problem. They said I have some ingress in my line, but nothing really bad. The thing is, my internet will be fine throughout the whole day (I work from home), but right at 6pm it takes a huge dip and I can't upload anything. Download will take a hit from 300mbps to about 200mbps, but I am way more worried about my upload. Around 5am, the speeds will go back to normal. Does anyone have any tips  or tricks on how to fix this? 

I am using the panoramic modem that COX has provided. I am paying for 300mbps download, and 35 upload. 

Will consider buying a modem and router if that will fix my problem. 

Thank you,


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    Hey, I get the same, 6pm m-f things get choppy for awhile. I was thinking it was just the neighborhood coming online, but I live in a rural sb area, so the chances for that may be slim. I have a year old panama, 300/30 unlimited plan. Using wired. I've also noticed a slight increase in latency all the time via my office vpn.  

    Have not done any investigating yet, other than speedtest, which didn't show anything unusual. 

    The main thing I want to improve is latency on my work vpn. I think I will be testing a few different modem/routers to see if I can get any improvement. No gigablast option in my neighborhood yet,  but I'll still only try newer docsis 3.1 modem/routers.

    I don't think a change in modem router will fix the 6pm issue. But if I see any improvement I'll report back.

    Good luck


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      I definitely think its the node in my area. They say it is not congested, but that is complete BS. When you have perfect speeds and then at a certain time (on the dot mind you) it tanks? It has to be the node, because this hasn't happened for weeks and then it starts happening? 

      Best of luck, please report back so I can get some ideas. Thanks! 

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        Hello ScupieG,

        There is a congestion ticket under investigation in your area, and we have no update on that. The previous technician noted that a signal issue was found and fixed after the lines were swapped. Did the technician discuss any steps with you prior to leaving your last visit? Anything about placing you in ping plotter to monitor things?

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    After changing modems/routers several times with no increase in stability or speed 

    I  Should be downloading at 150 mgs  and  uploading at 10 mgs. Due to ingress could not even reach 1/4 of the speed, except when the Serviceman was watching(before 6pm). Once on line I would get dropped randomly.  Replaced the old R6 with a new R6-QS (quad-shielded). the R6-QS has a larger diameter than the prior R6 cable.. Solved all Ingress problems, fixed slow speeds and Stability, even with McAfee running.    No problem getting on line and staying on . Now using a 30 foot QS cable  with one break (but a good connection)  to a 20 foot QS  cable.  Extending from--the service hookup>>>connecter>>>to the router.. I even hit 187 mgs  download with  11 mgs up.

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      Replaced the old R6 with a new R6-QS (quad-shielded)

      When you replaced it, did you have to replace the  entire cable line? I am unable to re-run an entire cable line to my house. I am wondering if I could just get a fitting and put in on my cable...