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4 years ago

Since Cox never gives me the internet speeds I pay for, will they go down if I downgrade my service?

Title. I pay $100/month for 150 Mbps but never does it get any higher than 25, no matter when I speed test it. I connect straight to the modem via ethernet and can have no other devices and 

Since my current plan is "up to" 150 mpbs but Cox refuses to provide service close to that, can I just downgrade to the 50 Mbps plan without any change in service, or will they just throttle my internet even more?

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    I was able to check the modem performance levels and they are up to spec. I only see your ethernet connection is 10/100 which doesn't allow you to obtain max speeds. Either you're using a Cat 5 ethernet we suggest cat 6 or higher in order to achieve max levels or it's the nic card of the device you're testing with. If able to swap ethernet please do, and if still getting low speeds hardwired email us your full name and address to

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