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SB8200 and other Arris Event Log Page Problems After July 2023 Cox Firmware Push

After Cox TB01.03.001.16_091322_212.0A firmware push, the Event Logs page shows an odd text message pasted over the upper left corner of Event Log page and NO Event Log entries are downloaded. 

The text says:

Confirm Settings

Do You Want to Continue?

Disable and Continue  Cancel

But none of those supposed links is active for clicking.

Anyone else seeing this?

I can't find an easy way to post the screen capture.

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      Thanks for the reply.  I have an answer after some deep digging to get to a Cox engineer actually responsible for modem firmware.  It is a known bug they are working to resolve with Arris for a new load TBD.  Sometimes the page can be seen by clearing cache.

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        Not sure why I got the down vote from someone else. Glad you got your answer and thanks for the heads up.