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6 years ago

Returned Payment fee due to Cox Error, twice

Back in January, (due to the holidays) I had to set up a post dated payment to prevent my services from being cut off. I did so, I MANUALLY entered my card information, double checked and set up the payment. The day the payment was charged, for some reason it was declined and returned.The first thing I did was call my bank, checked for blocks and funds and EVERYTHING WITH MY BANK WAS IN ORDER.

When I saw I was charged another fee for this I called and spoke to a supervisor and was then informed AFTER he verified my which card I used, that they had a different card on file (only on their end because it did not appear on my end) I haven't had this card in years and did not even have saved anywhere on my account.

I have called and chatted several times, with supervisors and regular employees, I have been hung up on twice over this, I was a assured a supervisor would call me back ASAP and still nothing. I was informed my case was passed on several times to someone who can help me. Not once have I gotten a call back or update on my case. (Above and beyond with their customer service apparently). When I finally called back, I was told it was denied again and I do not find this is not a fair practice.

What is comes down to is Cox charging ME a fee for THEIR mistake (twice!) and getting away with it by giving me the run around. I have been a customer of Cox since 2007 (not 2010 like they told me!)

I have spent thousands of dollars as a customer for the past 12 years, and this forum is my last attempt at giving Cox the chance to do right by a long time customer otherwise we part ways here.

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